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Join International Safe Feed/Safe Food
Look below to review the steps necessary to earn certification for your facility from the International Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.

Step 1: Review the relevant documents to familiarize yourself with the program. Click here to view the FAMI-QS forms.

Step 2: Review and complete the application.

Step 3: The detailed, nine-page questionnaire should also be reviewed in preparation for the audit.

Step 4: Submit the completed application and payment of $1,000 (USD) to AFIA at 2101 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 810, Arlington, VA 22201, U.S.A., Attention: International Safe Feed/Safe Food Administrator. The total cost of the program is $3,000. You will be billed $1,000 annually over three years. Please note that there is also a fee for the actual audit. Please contact either Eurofins Scientific (ESI) or SGS North America to establish the cost for the auditing expenses. The auditor's travel expenses will be billed at cost at completion of the audit.

Step 5: Once AFIA has received your completed application and registration payment you will be contacted by the certification body within a reasonable time to establish a date of inspection for your facility.

Step 6: A newly certified facility is listed on this website within a reasonable time after the certificate is issued to a firm. Officials with the FAMI-QS program will also list the facility on their website.

Step 7: Approved ISFSF facilities can utilize the ISFSF/FAMI-QS logo in compliance with the terms of logo usage.
See below for the terms:
ISFSF-FAMI-QS logo usage