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New Web Site About Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program Launches

July 16, 2009

ARLINGTON, VA., July 16, 2009 – A new Web site that provides details about the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program was launched by the American Feed Industry Association this week. The URL for the new Web site is The new site also may be accessed via AFIA’s Web site ( ) by clicking the “SF/SF” tab at the top of the AFIA home page.

The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program is an exclusive, voluntary, third-party-certified program for mills and other facilities that produce livestock feed, pet food and related ingredients. About 330 U.S. and Canadian facilities, operated by about 80 companies, are certified by the program. The National Pork Board’s Pork Safety Committee endorsed the program this spring, and an international version of the program will launch later this year.

The new Web site presents a wealth of information about the Safe Feed/Safe Food program in a clear and concise manner that is designed to be easy to navigate.

Material that explains why the program is important and valuable to the feed industry may be found on the “Why We Believe” page of the site. Comments by feed-industry experts who explain the program’s many benefits appear on the “Testimonials” page.

A map makes it easy to learn where certified facilities are located in states and provinces, and a series of frequently asked questions are answered in a separate area. Contact information also is readily available on the site.

The Safe Feed/Safe Food program stands for reducing risks; tracking and tracing products; protecting hard-won brand value; lowering product-liability insurance rates; and decreasing waste, shrink and customer complaints. Prioritizing safety is “Our Responsibility, Our Promise.”

Certified facilities demonstrate a commitment to safety and quality each and every day by adhering to comprehensive standards of excellence that go beyond existing regulations. Employees of certified facilities exhibit accountability and leadership. They know getting ahead of the curve today means being in a position to succeed tomorrow.


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