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Pork Board Endorses Feed Program

May 28, 2009

The Pork Safety Committee of the National Pork Board recently endorsed the American Feed Industry Assn.’s (AFIA) Safe Feed/ Safe Food Certification Program, an exclusive, third-party-certified feed safety program. The 29-member Pork Safety Committee provided its endorsement after examining the details of Safe Feed/Safe Food. The program is designed to ensure that stringent safety and quality standards are met in the production of livestock feed and pet food. AFIA president and chief executive officer Joel G. Newman said Safe Feed/Safe Food is designed to help employees of feed mills and related facilities achieve the highest levels of feed safety. “Hogs and other livestock that consume safe feed are more likely to produce safe food for human consumption,” he said. Barb Determan, a member of the Pork Safety Committee, said the committee supports third-party certification programs that address the safety of feed manufacturing, like Safe Feed/Safe Food. Determan added that the pork checkoff program will encourage producers’ use of Safe Feed/Safe Food materials.

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