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Equine Supplement Facility Gains Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification

April 15, 2009

American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) news release

A Johnstown, Colo., plant dedicated to the production of nutritional supplements for horses has received recognition from the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program. The plant is operated by Cattleman’s Choice Loomix, LLC, a company with a 56-year history in animal nutrition. The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program is administered by the American Feed Industry Association, and plants that earn the recognition were inspected by independent auditors associated with the Facility Certification Institute.

Becoming Safe Feed/Safe Food-certified means the facility demonstrates and ensures continuous improvements in delivering safe, wholesome feed for horses. This is a one-of-a-kind, voluntary program that has resulted in the certification of about 320 feed-related facilities in the U.S. Certified facilities go above and beyond federal requirements to ensure the highest standards in manufacturing and processing are followed each day.

The employees of the Cattleman’s Choice Loomix learned their facility received Safe Feed/Safe Food certification this week.

The Cattleman’s Choice Loomix equine plant manufactures nutritional supplements such as Necessity with Glucosamine & MSM, Cellarator, Cellarator Turbo and Integrity Hoof & Joint. Additional, detailed information about these products for the equine market may be obtained by contacting Cattleman’s Choice Loomix directly.

Joel G. Newman, AFIA president and chief executive officer, said, “Cattleman’s Choice Loomix should be commended for showing leadership in this important program. The employees have gone the extra mile to demonstrate a strong commitment to food safety and offer reasons to their customers and consumers for increased confidence in the products they provide. The companies participating in Safe Feed/Safe Food are making outstanding efforts.”

AFIA’s Safe Feed/Safe Certification Program is open to livestock feed and pet food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, integrated producers, meat processors, feed purchasers, livestock producers, renderers and others who want to validate a commitment to food safety through pro-active leadership. It signifies that qualifying companies have embraced the feed industry’s role in creating feed-based safety programs; they are doing their part to reduce food safety risks; they are participating in an approved risk-management program; and they are aggressively practicing risk-reduction.

Kenneth P. Munsch, company president, said, “We are very proud and honored to have our only production facility that is completely dedicated to equine products to become Safe Feed/Safe Food-certified. By being part of this wonderful program, our customers can be assured they are receiving the highest-quality equine products available on the market.”

Along with the equine production facility in Johnstown, three additional Cattleman’s Choice Loomix® plants have received Safe Feed/Safe Food certification. These production facilities are in Billings, Mont.; Twin Falls, Idaho; and elsewhere in Johnstown. These plants manufacture and distribute the Loomix brand of products for the beef and dairy industries. As a successful participant in AFIA’s program, these facilities are entitled to use a special SF/SF logo on products and certain equipment such as trucks.

For information about the equine nutritional supplements mentioned in this news release, contact Preston Munsch, national sales manager, at (877) 788-4448 or

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