Why We Believe In Our Programs

Excelling at every aspect of feed production is “Our Responsibility, Our Promise” to regulators, customers and consumers. The Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) certification program is just one way you can set your animal food manufacturing facility apart.

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Reduces Risks & Costs

Companies that voluntarily meet the requirements of the SF/SF certification program will have a better understanding of the risks that could arise during their manufacturing processes and how to control for them. This ensures that they can keep delivering safe and quality products to the marketplace, which reduces their product liabilities, protects their reputation and keeps their financial books in the black.



Proves Food Safety Commitment

By passing a rigorous audit prior to becoming SF/SF-certified, your company demonstrates that its employees are committed to producing safe animal food for your customers every single day.



Sharpens Understanding of Regulations

There is no better way to improve your employees’ understanding of Food Safety Modernization Act regulations and anticipate future regulatory needs than by checking their work against the rigorous SF/SF auditing process. Meeting these requirements is the best way to improve feed safety, make plant operations more efficient and prepare for inspections.



Independently Verified

Managed by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a division of FMI, The Food Industry Association, the SF/SF certification program has the expertise of a program administrator established to lead a global food safety and quality certification and management system. SQFI's mission is “to deliver consistent, globally recognized food safety and quality certification programs based on sound scientific principles, consistently applied across all industry sectors, and valued by all stakeholders.” The SQFI offers a wide choice of auditors for their programs, thus allowing SF/SF participants greater options.

The American Feed Industry Association provides technical support and expertise to the SF/SF certification as well as training, marketing and promotion for the program, but plays no role in auditing or determining the certification status of facilities.



Trusted by FDA

The SF/SF certification program exceeds industry regulatory requirements and serves as a complement to the Food and Drug Administration’s new risk assessment approach. As such, FDA officials have said that the program can be used as a “model” for feed and pet food companies looking to achieve their goal of providing safe, healthy feed and pet food for their customers. They have also found that participating facilities often have fewer and shorter inspections, a factor considered when determining their risk profiles. Learn more>>