Renew Your I-SF/SF Certification

Is it time to renew your International Safe Feed/Safe Food (I-SF/SF) certification? Follow the steps below to recertify your facility.

  1. Your facility’s designated I-SF/SF contact should receive a renewal notice from FAMI-QS and an invoice for the renewal fee from the American Feed Industry Association.
  2. Review the model audit form.
  3. Review and complete, in detail, the nine-page questionnaire.
  4. Submit all completed documents to and
  5. Submit payment to the AFIA after you receive the invoice.
  6. Your certification body will schedule an inspection for your facility.
  7. The certification body will inspect your facility and determine if your facility meets the requirements of the program. The certification body will then inform the AFIA and FAMI-QS if your facility should be re-certified or if follow-up action is required before your certification is renewed.

For assistance with the process, contact us here.