Renew Your Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification

Is it time to renew your FSC36, FSC34 or FSC32 Safe Feed/Safe Food certification? Follow the instructions below to recertify your facility.

  1. Your facility contact should receive a renewal notice from SQFI.
    • For facilities due for the biennial on-site audit, SQFI will send the renewal notice approximately three months prior to the expiration date of the current certificate.
    • For firms not needing the biennial audit, SQFI will send a renewal notice reminder approximately three months prior to the certificate expiration date. Prior to the expiration, firms are required to perform an online self-surveillance audit and submit the results for review. If the review is satisfactory, a new certificate will be issued by the certification body.
  2. Log into the SQF’s database ReposiTrak and follow this step-by-step guide to re-register. The links to the below user guides will also help you to:

For assistance with the process, contact SQFI at or (202) 220-0635.


I-SF/SF Recertification

Looking to recertify in the international Safe Feed/Safe Food program (I-SF/SF)? Visit this webpage.