Apply to FSC34 or FSC32

Getting Started

Obtaining a FSC34 Manufacture of Animal Feeds or FSC32 Manufacture of Pet Food certification requires commitment from a company’s management team to not only invest in ensuring their facility is operating safely, but also to achieve the necessary requirements for successful certification.

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), which manages the FSC34 and FSC32 certifications, provides a 10-step guide to applying to the program. Full details for completing each step are available in the SQFI's Food Safety Codes.

  1. Register on the SQFI assessment database.
  2. Designate an SQF practitioner.
  3. Determine the scope of certification.
  4. Document your SQF system.
  5. Implement your SQF system.
  6. Conduct a pre-assessment audit (optional).
  7. Select a certification body
  8. Conduct the initial certification audit.
  9. Review audit reporting and closeout.
  10. Receive your certification.

*Please note that the application process is different for FSC36 and the International SF/SF certification.